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The Catholic Foundation of North-Central Louisiana was formed for a two-fold purpose:

  1. To conduct programs designed to share opportunities for planned giving that benefit Catholic causes and entities within the Diocese of Alexandria; and,

  2. To administer those gifts under the terms of their specified purposes. 


By definition, planned giving is the gift of cash, stocks, bonds, insurance policies, real estate and other assets of the donor, rather than giving from current income. These gifts are conveyed to the The Foundation for the benefit of the Catholic entity or cause specified by the donor, and can be made directly at any time or through specific bequests in a donor’s will.


The Foundation is incorporated under both Canon and civil law. Under Canon Law, it is a separate juridic person.

God has placed in our hands and hearts the tools to help one another. The Catholic Foundation is one of those tools. Knowing that the needs of the Diocese and its entities will always exist, donors can generously help to meet those needs through The Foundation.

“You are being enriched in every way for all generosity, which through us produces thanksgiving to God”

II Corinthians 9:II

How to get started

For more information call The Catholic Foundation at 318-487-9222 or email us at

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