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How you Benefit

Charitable donations—especially endowed giving—can be complex. The Foundation will allow you and your family to experience the joy and satisfaction of fulfilling your charitable objectives while eliminating, or at least minimizing, the fears and frustrations often encountered. We work with you and your advisors to assure that your giving experience is handled professionally, efficiently, and competently.

The Foundation staff will listen to your needs and desires then assist in finding charitable goals that directly benefit you and your family. We will help you define your charitable objectives as clearly as possible and determine which giving options will help you achieve your goals. Depending on the nature of your gift, the Foundation can assure that your gift provides results

Peace of Mind

Once you have established your wishes in the gift contract, there is no need for you to ever worry about those wishes being carried out. The staff of The Foundation is responsible for assuring that this is done. Your children, heirs, or estate administrators are not burdened with wondering what your intentions were. You have already established your intent and wishes by your gift or bequest. 


Most of all, you have responded to your personal desire to provide support for the Catholic causes within the Diocese in a manner that will bring you satisfaction and peace.

How to get started

For more information call The Catholic Foundation at 318-487-9222 or email us at

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